Specific industrial processes require specific types of grinding media. Norstone, Inc. helps companies to source the products that they need to really be competitive with these kinds of milling processes. With a wide range of media from diverse materials, we can help make sure our clients benefit from the best precision tools and resources available to them.

Alumina Materials 
Norstone, Inc. offers a variety of alumina media. Different sets of materials have different amounts of alumina in them, starting with a composition called mullite with 45 percent to 70 percent alumina. Mullite is less dense than other kinds of alumina products. Get beads, satellites, or cylinders for industrial use.

Standard alumina has a range of about 85 percent to 92 percent alumina. This may be a little more abrasive, but can stand up better to wear. Standard alumina comes in beads, satellites, and cylinders.

They have more density, and higher purity alumina can be more brittle. There’s also toughened alumina, which is designed for high fracture resistance.

Properties of Alumina 
Alumina grinding balls, satellites, or cylinders can be effective in reducing contamination in a grinding environment. Alumina products are generally non-toxic and corrosion resistant. They’re also non-porous, which can ensure specific kinds of integrity in process. Some kinds of alumina media are temperature resistant, which helps to increase grinding time capability.

Using Alumina Grinding Media 
Specially engineered types of alumina grinding media can stand up to continuous wear. A tough, nonporous surface is resistant to chipping, and other things such as damage by extreme pH values. Many of these high design materials are also non-magnetic and non-conductive. Alumina products can be used for wet or dry milling, and for fine grinding processes.

Ask Norstone, Inc. about the right materials for a specific industrial project; For example, alumina media and materials. Consider the vulnerability of the milling machine and equipment, the temperatures to which materials will be exposed, and the pressures that they will be under in grinding, polishing, milling or deburring processes. Let us help you to source a supply chain correctly, to get the best results in the field.