Norstone acquired Performance Ceramics in 2012.  We now offer additional high quality ceramic products for industrial and technical applications such as

YTZP and Alumina powders, Highest Quality Alumina and Silicon Nitride grinding media, and
ceramic doctor blades and knives.


  • Functional additives in composite systems
  • High purity raw materials for making advanced ceramic components

Ceramic Powders

Thermal Management

    • Alumina Microspheres – fine particle size Alumina
    • Rounded Alumina
    • Wear Resistance
    • Alumina
    • Other
    • YTZP Microspheres



  • Spherical Alumina for bulk firing
  • Shot peening materials

Sintered Ceramics

Wear Resistant Parts (YTZP)

  • Grinding media
  • Knives
  • Wear pads
  • YTZP blanks
  • Precision gage block blanks
  • Custom fabricated parts