Businesses that need specific kinds of grinding media for grinding, polishing, deburring, and other industrial processes can look to Norstone, Inc. for versatile solutions. Let us help to innovate for high design processes that can really lead to precise, clean results.

Types of Zirconia Media 
One common type of zirconia media available at Norstone Inc. is zirconia silica material. There is zirconia silicate, a sintered type of bead with a kind of hard exterior, which is capped at about 3 mm in size. There’s also zirconia silica, with a fused build and consistent texture.

There’s also fused zirconia silica with a higher ratio of zirconia inside. Other materials include different types of zirconia oxide. Norstone Inc. offers magnesium stabilized and cerium stabilized zirconia oxide along with yttria-stabilized zirconia oxide, which is the toughest and most durable type of zirconia media.

Benefits of Zirconia Media 
Many of the benefits of zirconia media are represented in the yttria stabilized zirconia product. This hard material is non-porous. It prevents contamination in the mill. It will not break and cause abrasions. Scientific studies point to advantages of zirconia over other materials, in terms of less wear or weight loss, better grinding efficiency, and even reduced grinding time.

Zirconia materials can also be suitable for high velocity or wet grinding operations.

A Diversity of Materials 
Norstone Inc. sells all of these types of grinding materials, in addition to different types of steel, alumina, and alloy materials, plastic, and polystyrene. Get a particular type of media in the right shapes and sizes to refine raw materials into processed slurries, powders and liquids or use the media to take rust off of pieces or parts, or smooth and polish surfaces.

Ask Norstone Inc. about the types of zirconia media and grinding material available for specific industrial processes. Make sure that you have the right materials that will not damage a milling machine or introduce contaminants to the final result. We help companies to get better product sourcing and obtain what they need to really accommodate core operations.