Zirconia Balls: More Valuable than Diamonds?

“Diamonds are Forever”. You may know the saying from a book and movie series based on a certain well-dressed man with a proclivity for espionage. Perhaps you’re familiar with variants of the phrase uttered in jewelry commercials. Even textbooks everyday applications make note of the everlasting strength and beauty of the gem. When diamonds are not being used in jewelry, they are often the go to when a powerful and virtually indestructible tool or blade is needed.

You may be familiar with zirconia from the jewelry world, as it as often used as a cost-efficient substitute for diamonds due to some of its similar properties, including appearance, hardness and durability. A jeweler, scientist, or someone with a discerning eye can point out the differences in short order; however, the low cost of zirconia makes it popular. When used in other forms, zirconia is a popular and useful material. Zirconia balls are one of the most popular media in grinding mills for ceramics due to their high density, efficiency in high temperatures and resistance to rust and corrosion. There are a few variations of zirconia, with one of the most sought after being “YTZP” known for its toughness. That toughness comes from fortifying zirconia with the element, Yttria.

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