Ceramic Grinding Media and More, Pt. 2

Norstone, Inc. is here to ensure that you are using the right media for your current product and process. Keep reading to learn more about the grinding media available at NorstoneInc.com.

Alloy and Steel Materials
Other grinding media materials include high density balls like 52100 chrome alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, and forged balls. Various sizes and shapes of metal grinding media can help with diverse types of projects. For example, the hardness, shape, polish and microcrystalline structure of grinding media can determine how a specific type works on different types of raw materials. These types of grinding media can also last a long time in production.

Natural Materials
Most natural abrasives have been replaced by synthetic or composite materials over the years but some processes still use things like flint pebbles, sand, agate, or certain types of natural silicates. These materials can be good in terms of chemical compatibility and costs.

Always evaluate the composition and type of grinding media to be used in industrial processes. Talk to Norstone Inc. about how to get what you need at the best possible price, and about ceramic grinding media or similar materials that will last a long time in producing specific results day after day.