What to Consider When Selecting the Right Grinding Media

Many different factors should be considered when shopping around for the right grinding media. Depending on the ingredients you hope to grind, selecting an unsuitable media can have far-reaching consequences. Conversely, making an informed decision will pave the way for efficient, hassle-free grinds. The next time you find yourself in the market for new grinding media, remember to consider the following factors.

Hardness Levels 
When shopping around for zirconia balls or other types of grinding media, you’ll need to take overall abrasiveness into account. For example, if you put highly-abrasive media into a grinding chamber that isn’t equally abrasive, you’re looking at a recipe for disaster. Not only will the media not be properly ground, there’s a good chance it will cause lasting damage to your chamber.

When purchasing grinding media in bulk, uniformity is very important. In other words, buy your media from suppliers with a reputation for selling perfectly-spherical, evenly-sized pieces. All too often, bulk orders of grinding media are rife with pieces that are undersized, oversized and woefully misshapen. This can lead to problematic grinds, as well as chamber damage. Although a few out-of-place pieces are to be expected, the vast majority of each order should conform to your desired measurements.

No grinding media is impervious to damage, and eventually, all media needs to be replaced. That said, purchasing grinding media with a long lifespan may help your financial bottom line. Even if you initially wind up spending more than you had anticipated, exceptionally durable media can help you save more in the long run.

When choosing a suitable grinding media, it pays to know what you’re looking for. Provided you know which qualities to keep an eye out for, you should have no difficulty selecting media that perfectly meets your needs.