Popular Types of Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers can be found throughout an array of industries. These powerful devices play a vitally important role in food production, pharmaceutical development, mineral refining, and many other important areas. As the name implies, industrial mixers are commonly used to mix large amounts of ingredients in a wide range of high viscosities. Additionally, these mixers vary in size and shape depending on the industry. If you’re interested in investing in an industrial mixer, take care to brush up on some of the most popular types.

Direct Drive Mixers
Direct drive mixers are commonly used to mix low-viscosity liquids. With this type of mixer, the motor shaft and the mixer shaft are able to match one another’s speeds. This is often done by using a resilient coupling to connect both shafts. While highly adept at mixing, direct drive mixers leave something to be desired with regard to pumping efficiency.

Sanitary Mixers
Commonly found in food production facilities and pharmaceutical plants, sanitary mixers contain high-end industrial mixing blades and are used in environments with corrosive conditions. Being composed of stainless steel, these mixers are very easy to clean and perform surface treatments on. To guard against contamination, sanitary mixers have airtight seals that are nearly impossible to penetrate.

Drum Mixers
True to their name, drum mixers are used to mix — and agitate — drums of ingredients. These mixers are largely characterized by their folding drum impellers, which provide the shaft and impeller with a comfortable entryway into the drums. Drum mixers are a common sight at many industrial chemical plants.

Corporate laboratories, food production facilities and manufacturing plants are just a few of the places you’re liable to find industrial mixers. However, the type of mixer you’ll need largely depends on the type of product(s) you wish to create. Before shelling out the money for an industrial mixer, make sure to learn about your options.